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Contact Us
Head Office
    Tel : 011 615 6227 
    Fax : 011-615 5927
    Mail: Postnet Suite 228,
Private Bag X19
          Bedford Gardens 2047

   Email: info@pmgmining.co.za   
 Address: 501 Bedford Center Office
          Towers, Cnr of smith and
          Bradford Rd, Bedford Garden
          Johannesburg South Africa
  • Mining
        Tel : 053 313 4905 
        Fax : 011-313 4906   
     Address: 617 Kuruman Rd, Postmasburg,
              Northern Cape,South Africa
  • PMG Mining (Pty) LTD.



    PMG MINING (PTY) LTD., from its corporate head-quarters in Bedford View, Johannesburg, overseas mining- activities of its business units operating in its chosen market, mainly the mining in Manganese and Iron- ore, in the Northern Cape area. PMG's main focus is on the export market, of which our set target market is China, who is the world leaders in steel production and manganese consumers.

    PMG Mining is a dynamic, rapid growing company and has a considerable base of experience and expertise, of which the emphasis is on quality and customer satisfaction. PMG strives to create equal opportunities among all their employees, and is proud that the expertise, reliability and trustworthiness of its employees enjoy the highest reputation possible. Diversity in recruitment is always recognized, and we invests in continuous development of skills and talents throughout the organization, in order to enhance our capabilities, and in so doing provide a stimulating and challenging environment to employees. We adhere to a strict BEE procurement policy, and are in the process of developing corporate and social investment programs. PMG are committed to a process of community upliftment.

    We aim at continuing sustainable headline earnings, growth and creating long- term shareholder value by remaining focused on its core business function within the mining- sector.

    Our strength lies in its unique structure and management style, which enables our business to exercise significant operating freedom, balanced by limits on risk and observance of professional standards. We also have relationships with other companies who have similar complimentary capabilities to their own. As a leader in 'Shaping the industry', a few of PMG's values include fair, accountable and professional behavior, Transparency, Integrity, Honesty, and Service excellence.


    PMG as an organization is intolerant to any form of bribery, fraud, corruption, abuse, waste and any other wrong doing, or any form of discrimination or harassment, and is highly motivated to work towards minimizing adverse environmental impact as a result of our operations. The contribution towards a Healthy and Safe environment is always a priority on our agenda.

    The first utilization of manganese can be traced back to the Stone Age. Men were already using manganese dioxide as a pigment for their cave paintings some 17000 years ago.

    Manganese (Mn) is a chemical and free- element found in nature. As a free- element, manganese is a metal with important industrial metal alloy uses. It is a grey- white (often pinkish) in color, resemble iron, but is harder and very brittle.

    Manganese is the fourth most used metal in terms of tonnage, after iron, aluminum and copper. In every case manganese is applied, it plays a vital role in improving the properties of alloys. In steel, manganese improves rolling and forging qualities, strength, toughness, stiffness and hardness. South Africa contributes approx. 20% of manganese towards the world- market. (Washington DC: United Sates Geological survey- 2006)

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